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Senator Mike Jacobson is a life-long Nebraskan, entrepreneur, conservative fighter, and trusted community leader with a proven record of leadership and getting things done. 


Mike understands the challenges families face because he’s faced them himself. Mike was born and raised on a share-rented farm near Sutton. That’s where Mike learned to put in a hard day’s work, to live within his means, to have faith, and to support family and community.


Mike graduated from Sutton High School then worked his way through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics/Agricultural Education and Graduate School of Banking degree. 


After graduation, Mike returned to farm and teach agriculture for a short time at the high school level in Red Cloud and Shickley. He then began his banking career in 1980 as an Agricultural Lending Officer at City National Bank in Hastings. 


In 1984, he moved to Lincoln and worked as Senior Vice President/Division Manager of the National Bank of Commerce.  After a decade in Lincoln, he relocated to North Platte to serve as Chairman, President, and CEO of Western Nebraska National Bank.  


In 1998, he became the Founder and Principal Shareholder of NebraskaLand Bank in North Platte that has successfully grown to over $850 million in total assets with branches in Kearney and Rock Springs, Wyoming.


A recognized leader in state and local issues, Mike is a common-sense problem solver who has earned the reputation of standing strong on conservative principle – lower taxes, smaller government, and defender of life. 


Senator Mike Jacobson is a pro-life conservative, who we trust to protect taxpayers from high taxes, runaway spending, and will be part of the solution to find meaningful property tax relief. 


Senator Jacobson will fight against those injecting Critical Race Theory and radical health policies into our schools and universities.


As the proud parents of two adult children, Mike and his wife Julie have been married for 47 years and always put family first. 

Mike has worked to make a positive difference for families in Western Nebraska. He is active in his local church and works in support of charitable efforts in the community.

Senator Jacobson currently serves on Agriculture, General Affairs, and Natural Resources Committees.

Meet Mike 

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