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"I will always uphold my duty to defend the constitution, preserve our God given liberties and protect our special quality of life in our community."   -Mike Jacobson

Mike's priorities

  • Protect Conservative Western Nebraska Values, our way of life, and our Constitutional Rights


  • Grow District 42 and our ag economy


  • Create more jobs and bigger paychecks


  • Provide real, meaningful property tax relief for Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and families


  • Protect taxpayer interests by controlling state spending and lowering taxes


  • Support our veterans by making Nebraska the best state in America for our heroes


  • Fight against those injecting Critical Race Theory and radical health policies into our schools and universities


  • Fight for affordable health care for Nebraska families and seniors


  • Defend and support police officers and our first responders

Defending life

A devoted father of two, Senator Mike Jacobson believes that every child, born and unborn, has a Right to Life and must be cherished and protected. 


Senator Jacobson will always stand strong to defend the sanctity of life at all stages and he will make sure our tax dollars are never used to fund abortion clinics. 


As a pro-life State Senator, Jacobson believes every life is precious and will always fight to protect the unborn and promote a culture of life by:


  • Supporting adoption options, birthright centers, and crisis pregnancy centers

  • Supporting legislation to ban partial-birth abortion

  • Opposing unethical research

  • Supporting legislation to ban human cloning

  • Opposing tax-payer funding for abortion and abortion providers

GROWing Nebraska's AG economy

Agriculture is Nebraska’s number one industry. For our state to grow, we must grow agriculture by:


  • Adding value to the crops and livestock we raise.


  • Growing exports and international trade partners.


  • Finding a solution to fix our broken property tax system. Taxes are too high and hurting hard working families and threaten the financial health of our family farms and ranches.


  • Promoting biofuels to grow Nebraska through value-added agriculture.


  • Educating urban and rural youth about opportunities in agriculture, including ag innovation, ag technologies, and ag entrepreneurship.

Protecting our second amendment

The radical left believes that our Constitution can evolve and change over time.  I believe that our Constitution must be protected and defended, as written. 


I believe the Second Amendment is clear and it ought to be protected. As your Senator, I will always defend our right as law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. 


As a lifetime NRA Member, gun owner, hunter, and staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I will defend the constitutionally protected rights of gun owners and fight every day against the Biden Administration’s gun-grabbing policy agenda and government intrusion.

Standing with first responders

I strongly support our men and women in blue. The radical left’s attempts to defund our police are dangerous public policy.  I will stand with our police and strongly oppose efforts to reduce law enforcement funding and training.  As your State Senator, our men and women in blue will have a vocal defender and reliable advocate in the Nebraska Legislature. 


I will also work to support paramedics, firefighters, and other first responders. Many rural areas rely heavily on volunteers to provide critical emergency services. Supporting training, equipment, and compensation for our first responders is critical to building a safer Nebraska for our families.


I believe that every child in Nebraska deserves a quality education and the opportunity to live out their American dream.


As a former teacher, I’ll always make sure our children come first and have the resources they need for a strong start in life by investing in career and technical education and high-speed broadband in our rural schools and homes.


In these unique times, our schools and parents need a wide array of tools and increased local control to ensure student success. 


The dollars we spend should be directed towards this end, so our students can learn, and their future is bright.

Mikes record of public service and community leadership

  • Past Chair, North Platte Development Authority 

  • Past Chair, North Platte Airport Authority

  • Great Plains Health Board of Directors

  • Past President, North Platte Development Corporation

  • Past President, North Platte Public Schools Foundation Board

  • Chairman, Nebraska Bankers Association 2008-2009

  • President, Agriculture Builders of Nebraska Inc. 2008-2009

  • Former board member, Nebraska Independent Community Bankers

  • Former member, Governor’s Agricultural Advisory Council

  • Former member, University of Nebraska President’s Advisory Council

  • Former member, University of Nebraska Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching (CARET)

  • Member, Farm Foundation since 2010

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